Microsoft Teams Chat history keeps showing in search result in Outlook

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Hi! Anyone who experienced when user tried to search the name in the outlook it shows the teams chat history whether using "All Outlook Items" or "Current Mailbox"? I already tried the following but no luck:


  1. Create a new profile
  2. Deleted all old profile and created a new one again
  3. MFC MAPI Teams chat folder PR_ATTR_HIDDEN already set to True
  4. Set up the account to another machine but still the same
  5. Ran scanpst.exe to fixed all outlook damages corruptions but still the same
  6. Checked OWA and Teams chat history is unsearchable

The only thing work is when I set the account to online mode and tried to search and I can't find the teams chat but I can't suggest to user this. Do you have guys any suggestion?

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@jhodie Did you find a solution to hiding the teams chat history? I also have a customer wanting to get rid of it and was going to go straight to a profile reset but read your post.

@matPainter@jhodie ,


This issue should be mitigated by late October 2020.  Teams will be moving the teamchat folder contents to a non IPM Tree folder so that it will stop being indexed in search results in Outlook.

@Gabe Bratton



I found in another thread that the folder for Teams Chat history has been changed to TeamsMessagesData and it is moved up into the root folder, which is above the information store for Outlook.

But still, one of my users is complaining about the same issue.

Whenever he is searching for any content in Outlook, the result shows the Teams messages also, which is making Outlook to freeze.
Is there any solution by means of any Registry level settings / something for NOT indexing this TeamsMessagesData folder. 


Thanks in advance.


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The reason TeamsMessagesData folder would not have been moved is if there was any policy set that prevented items from being deleted.  For example, a retention policy could have prevented deletions.


From my notes the only workarounds would be searching using "Current Mailbox" or "All Mailbox" scoped searches, or searching in the relevant module (Calendar, People, Tasks) for those items. 

Follow the steps in the link below to exclude the specific Teams folder from the outlook search.

In the "Value: <folder name>" step, folder name will be written as "Teams Messages Data"

As the folder will be filtered as excluded, outlook will stop indexing hidden Teams messages during the search.

The folder name (Teams Messages Data) may vary depending on the software versions.