Microsoft Teams Black screen

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The app just turn black when i start it. i tried to uninstall e reinstall, clear chache, change account ecc nothing worked. I can use it via web but not from the app

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@castrazozza Same issue here since the latest version. Please share solution when found. I will to.

@Jan-Willem van Vaneveld - same issue

@castrazozza  - same issue and notification box appears but is black also. Can access through web and phone as normal but reboot of system only option to make app functional. Await news of a fix. 

@castrazozza same issue

@dcmax Same issue... currently reboot is only fix I've found

@castrazozza Work around until a fix is deployed is to use Task Manager to delete all Microsoft Teams processes running... then it works without rebooting.

Same problem here and reboot of the program doesn’t work

@castrazozza same issue on Mac OS big sure. 

@castrazozza Same Issue here, when I turn on laptop after sleep. The Teams application screen show completely black. Waiting for Fix.

Hi David. Yes, I tried that and it worked for me too. But without wishing to 'split hairs' I think you mean "end tasks" in the Task Manager, yes ? Deleting sounds a bit too permanent ! ;)

@castrazozza Same problem, but quick workaround. If I go to Outlook and click a link to Join Teams Meeting, then my Teams works just fine. Then I cancel joining that meeting and go about my business.


No idea what causes the blank black screen in the first place, it happens maybe once or twice a day for me.

@Tim_J_E I have this issue on my Surface anytime I undock and then re-dock my device (especially if it goes to sleep, or runs out of battery.... which doesn't take all that long these days!)


I find that "End Task" is the best workaround as well.  I'm guessing it has to do with how the program operates in the background.  Teams has its struggles, but overall, so much better than Skype.

That worked for me to. Will do until MS fixes it.
Navigate to the system tray and right click on the MS Teams icon. Then click on 'quit' in the pop up menu.
Open up MS Teams again and it should be back to normal.

@2381446190  Sure this works, but it is still a workaround. 

@castrazozza I am having the same problem on my Surface Pro 7

. #teams #blackscreen

@gregbosma Same problem here. Happens after sleep. As greg suggested workaround, opening a Teams meeting in Outlook is fastest fix. You can force close Teams, but it takes forever to start.

@2381446190 this is what I have been doing, only get the black screen when my Win10 laptop has been in Sleep overnight. Quit and restart works fine but is annoying.

@gregbosma I've noticed this blank screen happens a lot immediately after starting Snipping Tool. 

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A solution that works for me and does not require computer restart:
1. Hit `Win+R` to open a console prompt.
2. Kill all processes that have teams in their name with this command:

taskkill /IM "teams*" /F

3. Launch Teams.

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