Microsoft Teams & Excel Hanging/Freezing

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Greetings All,


After using MS Teams daily now for better part of the year, As of lately our core team has been experiencing issues where Excel will Hang/Freeze specifically during Screen Share Sessions. 


What is interesting is that although Excel seems to become unresponsive, the software will continue to function. The only caveat to the problem is that Excel GUI will stop updating. The software will remain in a frozen state where no actions will update the GUI and the software will remain this way until restarted. If multiple Excel Workbooks / instances are open, all open instances will suffer the same symptoms. Using short cuts like CTRL-S will continue to save any changes made but not physically update anything on the screen. 



  • Not an isolated case to my development box. We are seeing these issues on multiple employee pc's throughout the day.
  • Only replicable when using Screen Share on a specific Software (Excel). Sharing the entire screen will not reproduce this error. 

I have browsed the forums and have seen that some people are experiencing similar issues with PowerPoint.  


I have recently reinstalled teams and cleared my local cache. 

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