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We have a team that works with multiple projects, and we want to be able to appropriately track each. Each project has multiple identical steps. I thought that we could create one "template" planner to use when creating new planner tabs, as that is an option. 


While we can make copies of the template, completing a task in any of the planners, completes the task in every single other planner as well. Is there something that I am missing? We would rather not have to constantly create task after task when they are identical, especially for the number of these that we need to do.


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What you are talking about is not really a template feature but really only that you add the same plan to multiple channels..therefore everything you do in one channel will affect all others disincentive it’s the same.

There is no template function at the moment except from copying a plan which then creates a whole new group (team) so you can’t add it to the same team. Except from adding a website tab and link to it)

You can copy tasks though easily so you could just add another plan in the team by selecting new plan in the same team and then copy over tasks..

There is a uservoice here for templates! It’s actually under development!! Please go vote for it:


Hello, Julia!

Maybe Microsoft Teams Templates can fit your organizational needs? For example, you can build a template just once and quickly create teams from the template for each of your new projects.

And here you can find some information about the creation of a Teams Template with a pre-built Planner!

I landed on this page looking for a similar feature. I'm not sure when they added this, as I haven't looked for a year or more, but it look like this feature works. The "Copy Plan" feature has turned Planner from burden to a powerful tool for us:


Note that the copy must be done from - the article above isn't 100% clear on that.  Once copied to a new Team, you can add it to your channel through the normal method.

@Phortieteaux takes me to Outlook for some reason, did the route change? 


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