Microsoft Business Voice Trial 25 licenses too many for us but can't reduce the number

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We have trialled Microsoft Business Voice and I'm planning to purchase on the current deal in uk before end June which is for £9 per user pm.


  • If I purchase this subscription, can I keep our telephone numbers from the trial.
  • The trial has 25 licenses and I can't reduce this number to the 2 we need. (we're a small not for profit). 
  • I want to be sure if I extend the trial and automatically allow purchase after expiry I will only pay for the 2 licenses we need (we're a small not for profit in uk)

Any help appreciated - first time of posting.


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Hi @SandBBGA

- You can keep the numbers you are using. Those numbers you have assigned to your users are numbers in your tenant
- You should only pay for 2 as the trial itself ought to expire leaving you with the 2 licences. You should be able to buy two licences on a real subscription giving you 27 licences, and then the trial expires moving down to 25.

What I would say, since you are a non-profit, is to make sure you aren't already, make sure you are using the non-profit plans (as in you haven't just signed up for a commercial trial). If you have you'll need to reach out to Microsoft to convert (you'll need a charity number for proof)

Only mentioning this as I have seem some non-profits caught out. As you are a small org it may be worth reaching out to a Microsoft CSP Partner who can support you directly here in the UK and should be familiar with doing this. If you put 'Microsoft 365 CSP Partner UK' into your browser you would see a lot of them

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Thanks Chris

We’re not for profit but not charity so don’t qualify.

I’ve cancelled the trial and purchased the business voice adoption so all good with 2 licenses