Microsoft Brings Scheduled Send to Teams Chat


The Teams scheduled send feature allows users to set a time when Teams will deliver chat messages. The feature works for Teams enterprise and consumer users. It isn’t available for channel conversations. If you’re used to the delayed send feature in OWA and Outlook, you’ll know the value of being able to schedule a message to arrive at the most appropriate time!

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@Tony Redmond If you want to drink beer with your technical peers whilst debating a controversial topic, this is up there on the candidates list.

Just curious, why is this a controversial topic?

It's sneaky because you can message bomb people at 730AM as if you were up that early. @LuiIacobellis 

Oh ok, I understand. Thanks for the reply!
Hi Tony, seems a fun idea, but ... it doesn't work. Even 1 to 1 scheduled chats are not sent at all. Neither in the web nor the client version of Teams.

@Tony Redmond thanks for this and the link to your how to guide, do you have to be logged into Teams at the scheduled time for your chat message to be sent? 

But don't you have to be logged in to Teams for the message to be sent at the stipulated time? Thats what I have seen in Outlook.

@devipriya_c Even when I'm logged in it doesn't work.

I tried this feature last week and it worked. @ArthurWW 

No you don't need to be logged in.

Our company has split shifts and I use this feature to send messages to the other shift on my off days.
Good use case. I too checked and this worked without login. Thanks

@Tony Redmond This seems to be a great feature. Is there a way to schedule on bulk, lets say I want to initiate the chats at different times for 15 different people with different messages. Can I use a different input method instead of scheduling them one by one? 



If you want to initiate chats like that, you can either schedule them manually or write a program to schedule the chats using Graph API calls.