@ mentions not working (every now and then)

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Am I the only one that experiences a lack of function in @mention people? 


Every now and then, I have to restart M Teams because all of a sudden @ mention don't work. It just doesn't show anyone when I type @ and although the text appears bolded doesn't mention anyon till I restart the application and shows again suggestions when I start to type their names... 



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Yeap, I'm also having some inconsistentes when using mentions in teams so I guess something is not right with this feature
Same for us.

Same here. I noticed it usually happens after I press tab key. I expect the tab key to auto complete, but instead it messes up the @mention function.

Same problem for me. Restarting either desktop or web app does not cure. I have had this issue since yesterday despite numerous restarts. Undermines the whole goal of having my current project on Teams - we are trying to increase user buy in, but without getting mentioned in the message, most users I am trying to communicate won't ever see it.  

Same here ...
Same here

it seems to be working again maybe check if you have updates

We are having the same issue. Currently @ mention are only working for replys but not new messages.

Same here. For some channels the @mention is not working (this error appears randomly). Like Patrick Hofmann said, the mention works only in reply. TeamsMention.jpg 

I just opened up a new thread here

Same here...Any update from your side..

In 2019, I am also experiencing this issue. Has it been resolved? 

I am trying to run the below in the commands box


I am sure that my coworker has mentioned me with @ symbol in Teams. @Kim Whiteside 

@Samer Rustom 

I Think I finally nailed this after 6 months of agony.

It comes down to the naming of files. If you use some local characters (mon-english) in the file name it does not work. If you rename the file to a strictly English name, it works again.

Wow, what a bummer.

@Søren Elisiussen I tried this with a test file using simple English and no symbols. I was still having issues.  However, today I realized while I was testing with IT that I can @mention in a comment in a document in the web version of Teams accessed via Internet Explorer.  However, I still can't @mention in a comment in the same document in Teams Desktop or the web version of Teams accessed via Chrome.  What I really need is to be able to @mention in comments of documents in the desktop version of Teams.

My finding related to Word. I just thought there could be a correlation.

@Jesus Nubiola I know this is an old thread. I have an issue where many in a team can @mention others but not one colleague. All other, as soon as @ is used, the list shows and we can add all but one. That person never shows up in the list, or can be added manually. The colleague is even a contact, yet the person is not able be @mentioned.


Any ideas to why?


Regards, Karljohan

@Karljohan_Lundh The problem could potentially relate to special characters. Any special characters in the username?

@Søren Elisiussen Bump.  Same thing for me.  I can @mention all of my colleagues except for one.  I have tried restarting teams.  I've also tested with him that he is able to access the channel and the posts (he is).  I am also able to successfully chat him. 


Anyone know if there's a way to force MS Teams to do a refresh of the directory it's using to resolve the @mention names?