Meetings set up with teams email not showing on calendar

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Hi, we are on coronavirus lockdown and have quickly moved to Teams last week. We are using the channels to set up meetings as live events are not enabled. However the meetings are not showing on the students calendar. I tried copying the channel email and sending the meeting invite through that but it doesn't work on my account at all although this option seems to have worked for some teachers. The weird thing is I am the one who set everyone's teams. Any ideas ?

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Hi @Senfer - are yo also inviting everyone when creating the meetings? Scheduling to a channel allows everyone to join but does not automatically add the events to calendars.


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While you are scheduling the Microsoft Teams Meeting would recommend you to schedule the meeting from your Email Application and send it to the users. There has been some on-going issues which we are seeing with Microsoft Teams In-build Meeting Invite which is not getting replicated or send to all the users. Hence a request to schedule the meeting from your Email Application. 

The meeting always has a option to be included in a specific channel while scheduling the meeting from Outlook. So you can also include the channel while scheduling the meeting from Outlook and the meeting would reflect in the channel too.


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@Senfer Both messages above get the job done for you. 


Want to add another way, that is via the Teams client, Calendar tab. From here you are able to schedule the meetings as well. 

Here you can add the attendees you want to join this meeting (can be a list with the persons) or you can add them by name. 

There is also an option to add the scheduled meeting to the channel, so you have both; a channel post with the meeting and the invites send to the attendees :) 


Can you let us know if this helped you? :) 


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Good advice but this did not help me.  I have created a recurring meeting using the calendar in the Teams app on the MacOS platform.  The meeting invitation did get sent via email as expected but the meeting does not appear in my own calendar nor. to the best I can tell, on that of the invitees.  


I would think that this would be a basic and easily handled function... If I create a meeting in the calendar section of teams it should put it on the calendar, right?  That doesn't happen here. 


I think my problem is the same, once the meeting is scheduled it does not show in the Teams application, the only thing appearing in the application is 'start a meeting' and 'schedule a meeting'.

The start the meeting I've scheduled I have to go to the email I've sent and join using the link in the email.


I'm have a similar problem. in the 'meetings' tab only 'start meeting' and schedule meeting' show up. once I schedule the meeting the list of scheduled meeting do not show up.  

@Mitchell Bakker 


I'm having the same issue. Just realized that the recurring meeting I scheduled was sent and appears on all of the attendee's calendars, but isn't appearing on mine. When I attempt to forward my own invite back to my email, it still won't allow me to accept or add to my calendar because I'm the organizer. I unfortunately think I'm going to have to message my attendees and ask that they delete the invite and replace with a new one. VERY strange and frustrating. @Senfer 


@AGodbolt @Senfer, just tried it myself.
Went to the Calendar inside the Teams app, created a new weekly reoccurring meeting with 1 person (external) added. Saved it and it was visible in Teams.
Checked outlook, and it was visible as well.

Can you let me know the setup you are using for Outlook, is your mailbox hosted in Office365 or on-prem?


@Mitchell Bakker Hey Mitchell, thanks for the response. We're through 365. Just so we're clear, this was absolutely a one off, not the norm. I set up meetings both originating in Teams and originating in Outlook all the time and I've had no problem. It's just this one occurrence, which I do think I created within the Teams calendar, that had this error. All of my attendees received and accepted, and they even provided the screenshot showing that I was also on the meeting (which...I created it so...I had to be) just wouldn't show on my calendar which meant I couldn't add new members nor edit the meeting. 


In the end, I had to ask that everyone decline and delete the old invite and I created a new one with no problem. Hopefully what causes the issue can be found and resolved though I understand through my work in software that these types of potentially extremely rare bugs can be very hard to nail down due to all the variables. 


Thanks again for the time taken to reply!


I am having issues with teams and the calendar.  Regardless if I schedule a Live Event, or a Webinar the "event" does not get published/sent to the recipient/attendee of the webinar/event.  


Example -  I would expect that if I created a "Live Event" and invited 5 presenters to speak at such live event that all 5 speakers would receive an email confirmation with a calendar invite for the event.  This did not happen.  


As such, if I invited any attendees to the same live event they too would receive a calendar invite to named live event.  This did not happen.  


Also - my organization uses gmail.  I access my gmail through outlook.  I would like my teams calendar to sync with my gmail/outlook.  How can we make this happen.  




Hello @SweetT1970   With a Teams Live Event, there wouldn't be an invitation sent to your attendees unless you manually send them an email (or post it in a channel) with the attendee link.  Once you've set up your meeting with your presenters and you as the organizer, you would see a new window where you click to "get attendee link"



@ThereseSolimeno thank you for the response on "live events".  I am still not seeing any correspondence on webinars either.  

I am in the process of trying to link my calendar within "teams" by adding my public calendar url as a "website add on".  We will see how that works, but still no calendar requests generated for webinar guests.  


@SweetT1970  What are you defining as webinars?  Isn't a webinar a live event?  Or do you mean regular Teams meetings?


Sorry.  I mean regular team meetings.  @ThereseSolimeno We still haven't received any of the calendar invites for them.  


Also - We cannot add various email addresses to meetings.  For example, we have a development, sales, and accounting emails. (our domain) and teams will not let us add these email addresses to the meeting invite, or as a guest (user).  These are paid google accounts (paid google email addresses)....I don't understand why we can't add these.