Meetings are no showing for all members of a team

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Hi everyone!


I am having a problem with Teams. A specific team won't show its meetings in the calenders of the members. This is a big problem, as we need to have a 600+ rowdy users aware that thet have meetings to attend (its an educational thing, so good look on having them look in the "Channel Calender").

It is the only team where this happens, and when I try to change the settings regarding notifications "The group update is in progress." shows up in red error and nothing changes, even if I leave it alone. In fact I can't change anything about that group without it erroring out and being set back to the original settings when I come back. I am one of the owners of the group (the other owners have the same experience) I have tried using the global admin account, etc. Can't change that. Any ideas?


Screenshot (207).pngScreenshot (206).pngMicrosoftTeams-image (17).pngMicrosoftTeams-image (18).png


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