Meeting notes tab missing?

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I created a channel, and posted a meeting to it.  I expected a meeting notes tab to appear.  I joined the meeting and created a conversation with participants, and still the tab has not appeared.  HOW do I create meeting notes tab, and why does it seem inconsistent?  In another Team, the meeting notes seem to work automatically.

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@Tamara_B-W I've been asked if it's possible to remove the Meeting notes tab from a meeting as they want to use OneNote instead. From your research on making it come back, is it also possible to remove it? 

@Brian Barbagallo1   I'm not aware of a way to remove notes.  I've learned that "notes" are essentially wikis but created in context of a meeting.  The only way to access them is if you create them while a meeting is happening, and if you have some way to refer back to that meeting after it happened. (In short - it's very stupid functionality- good on you all to switch to OneNote!)  In the one meeting where I use it, we have chat during and in-between meetings, and the meeting is recurring, so the meeting notes being permanently housed there makes some sense.  But not much.  I would just ignore them and copy and paste to OneNote.


meeting notes option is not available in teams.initially when we used to click on calender invite i used to see the meeting notes option in it.when my colleague logged in my mac book using his teams account he was able to see the meeting notes option.

what can be the issue,we have tried reinstalling the app still no success.

plz help on this issue

@Cielica  were you able to resolve this problem? Three years later I have exactly the same issue - meeting notes section disappears as soon as I select channel for the meeting.