Meeting Notes Change In Reocurring Teams Meeting

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Recently I've noticed when I go into a reoccurring weekly Teams meeting I have and edit notes (doesn't matter if its a past, present, or future meeting), the notes change to whatever current edits I make for ALL notes connected to this reoccurring meeting even if I choose "edit occurrence" and not "edit series." Why is this happening? How can I edit notes for ONLY for that specific Teams meeting and not change the notes for past and future meetings?

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AFAIK, there is no way to do this. Anyone else in the community know differently?
At one time, clicking the "edit occurrence" button instead of the "edit series" button did just that. It would only edit that single occurrence so you could refer back to notes on a reoccurring meeting and see the different notes for each occurrence. Now, no matter whether I select "edit occurrence" or "edit series" any changes I make to a previous meeting note changes ALL meeting notes for that reoccurring meeting, past and future. It really makes the notes section nearly pointless since you cannot track past notes for follow-up or review.