Mac screen recording problem: screen sharing not working while recording, works when not recording

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EDIT: Might be powerpoint related issue and found a workaround! If I start the presentation before I share my screen, it works fine, but ifi I start screen sharing first and then start the presentation, it denies it.

So basically, it's working, but in certain order. It's a bug. Everything is allowed in permissions and privacy,



Using Teams Mac client and having odd issue. The screen sharing is enabled in privacy settings (also powerpoint etc.) and is working fine and sound BUT when the meeting is recorded, the screen sharing is denied due to security issues (gives out message indicating it's not safe).

Mac book Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2019)
MacOS Catalina ver. 10.15.6

Teams version: Updated 3.8.2020

Does this affect?

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Hi @Heikki Kaplas  I see you opened a Uservoice bug report.  We should post that link here in case others have the same problem and can vote on it for a fix:

@ThereseSolimeno I also have the same problem after the iPadOS update. When sharing or recording screen with other app like microsoft teams or google meet it crashes as soon as I split the screen 

I hit the same, Teams said it needed a permission it already had, restarted teams and it worked the 2nd time. I hadn't restarted very long ago, so I guess it needed to fail once, and THEN another restart.

Hello ThereseSolimeno,


Can you please update the link (  ).


It doesn't work and gives "This UserVoice instance is no longer available." error.