M1 Macbook Pro - Monterey - Teams Calls Consistently Disconnecting

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I have both a personal M1 ( Max ) Macbook and a work issued M1 ( Pro ) Macbook, and have noticed on both that with a fresh install of teams, running against Apple Silicon, Rosetta, running in Chrome Web and Edge Web, that Teams constantly disconnects from and reconnects to calls, making meetings very difficult. The activity monitor never seems to show any spikes or drops when ever these events occur, it simply seems to lose the call then 6 seconds later recovers. 


Macbook Pro - M1 Pro - 32gb - Monterey ( 12.6.1 )

Microsoft Teams Version


Any help would be appreciated,


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Any Microsoft engineers care to weigh in on this issue?
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@Dominic_Jomaa, sorry to hear you experience this issue. Can you please try to check for latest Teams client updates and restart the app? If the issue continues, can you please open a support ticket and follow the steps provided by support team so the team can investigate it? Thank you.

@Dominic_Jomaa  - 

Curiously I have this problem almost every time I hang up after a Teams conversation.


The call works perfectly fine, headset and keyboard have no issues during the call but when the call is disconnected then the Bluetooth devices are disconnected for about 6 seconds, then reconnect.


Doesn't happen with Google, Chime, Zoom, Webex - only MS Teams (Mac).


I've deinstalled and reinstalled, even did a full reinstall, due to a new laptop, same issue.

For information - this problem does not occur on the WebApp.