Low resolution in Teams

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The resolution is still extremely poor in Teams meetings. Sharing screens works poorly and it's almost impossible to do workshops trying to read text fields etc. The video resolution is also terrible. 


How can this be in 2021 that we have a so-called Business Collaboration Tool that has worse resolution that what Skype had 15 years ago? I really need to change the resolution otherwise we have to find another software.



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@Ajedesign Some if this may depend on network connectivity. Teams admins can actually set the maximum bandwidth used by the Teams client, which may affect video and audio performance. Then next to that, perhaps the network is not optimized properly (QoS settings, possible sub-optimal routing via central proxies etc). To be honest, I do not share the same concerns or have the same issues, and I'm in Teams meetings almost every day, all day ;)

Thanks for a quick reply. Default settings are used for Teams, meaning unlimited bandwidth usage. We are on 10GbE fiber connections, meaning no bandwidth saturation at all. No proxies are used.
We do have a firewall, will review to ensure nothing there is interfering, but I doubt it. As for QoS, unclear. Will investigate that too.

I'm having this issue on a brand new 2022 HP Elitebook. Joining the same meeting side-by-side on my 2020 Intel Macbook Pro - connected to the same ~3k external display - the Teams meeting resolution on the Mac is full resolution, on the Windows machine much lower. The "call health" stats on both machines look the same. For example at the same point in time, both show the "received bitrate" = ~.90, the "received frame rate" = ~3.6 fps. It just looks worse coming from the Windows machine. Like looking at 1080p versus 540p

@nockpee did you find any solution for this? I am running into a same issue.

Same issue on HP Elitebook 840 G6. No solution so far