Logged into teams and using it on PC how to stop cell phone notifications

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Hello, I was wondering if I have teams on my PC and Cell phone and I'm logged into the PC and using teams sending messages and files back and forth and my cell phone is on my desk how to I stop my cell phone from buzzing every 10 seconds when I'm clearly using teams on the computer. Has anyone had this thought? if so any help would be great, It's not a big deal but quite annoying, and my phone is on silent already. 

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If you go to Teams on your mobile/cell, find settings. Scroll down to Block Notifications. The turn on the Block Notifications - When active on desktop. See the video


How is it that the only response to this is to 'manage' the notifications settings on the phone.
Fix the product.



Agreed, its not just notifications, my phone decides it wants to present all meeting calls to me instead of the PC im working on. So I always have to hang up and call the person back on Teams from my PC, cant find anywhere to stop this happening. Poor.