Logged into teams and using it on PC how to stop cell phone notifications

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Hello, I was wondering if I have teams on my PC and Cell phone and I'm logged into the PC and using teams sending messages and files back and forth and my cell phone is on my desk how to I stop my cell phone from buzzing every 10 seconds when I'm clearly using teams on the computer. Has anyone had this thought? if so any help would be great, It's not a big deal but quite annoying, and my phone is on silent already. 

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If you go to Teams on your mobile/cell, find settings. Scroll down to Block Notifications. The turn on the Block Notifications - When active on desktop. See the video


How is it that the only response to this is to 'manage' the notifications settings on the phone.
Fix the product.



Agreed, its not just notifications, my phone decides it wants to present all meeting calls to me instead of the PC im working on. So I always have to hang up and call the person back on Teams from my PC, cant find anywhere to stop this happening. Poor.


Just HOLD ON a minute here, everyone!

No one is addressing the REAL problem, which is, TEAMS on your PC not only causes "notifications" to come through on your nearby cell phone.....under certain circumstances (a less than perfect Wi-Fi connection, for example) the Teams app on your PC can just "latch on" to the mobile data connection on your cell and "suck your data plan dry!!"

My wife experienced the same situation YOU had:

Involved in a Teams call on her PC (while at a cottage last week).....her phone kept sending her messages from our mobile provider (Rogers) saying that her data usage had reached 75% of her allotment; then 15 minutes later, the message saying NINETY percent of her allotment......then, within 45 minutes of having started up the Teams call, her phone's data plan was GONE! Totally used up.....and no explanation of why.

She ended her call and asked me to see what the messages on her phone meant.

Long story longer, I called Rogers and they said the Teams app on the laptop had "preferred" the mobile data connection of the phone over the wi-fi connection of the it just went ahead and used it all up! And any data she'd use between then and the end of the billing period would be billed as overage at $1000 per minute......(or whatever)! Kidding.....but, exorbitant compared to the regular package plan.

I claimed BS and demanded a refund.....which they say we'll get....IF we remember to claim it......NEXT MONTH, when our bill comes........AND WE PHONE and spend 30 minutes on hold.....THEN, THE MONTH AFTER, we'll get a credit on our bill.


So.....yeah, either Microsoft or the Cell about a frickin WARNING that our data is being "eaten alive" without permission/warning!!!!


@UncleScotty Teams is an app on the PC, it can't make decisions about how that PC gets its internet connected. Windows could be configured to prefer one wifi over another I guess, but only if you tell it. More likely your wifi was down so your phone offered a connection and with nothing else available and as someone allowed Windows to remember the network some previous time the phone hotspot was used.

Thanks for your reply, @Steven Collier, but the wifi WAS working. The Teams call was INITIATED using the house's wifi. (And it was being used by other apps!) 

Also, the phone involved is NEVER used as a hotspot.

Regardless, even if either of these conditions were true, a DISTINCT and explicit WARNING of such an expensive consequence as using the phone provider's Mobile Data option SHOULD have appeared on Teams' screen so that the operator KNEW of the pending expense and had the option to terminate the call or turn off the the phone.

Also, Teams AND Windows are both products of Microsoft, so whichever one causes the problem, it's THEIR fault. 

@UncleScotty Teams is a client app on top of Windows (or mac etc), it has no idea how the operating system is connecting to the internet, it has no choice in the matter. It also can not turn on a mobile phones hotspot capability, it can't guess the password used to access that hotspot, and it can't make Windows connect to that hotspot.


None of these are things that Teams can do.

@Steven Collier

1. We landed a man on the moon in 1969


2. If Teams "can't do any of these things"... it sure did a miraculous job of either LETTING or TELLING my laptop to tap into a nearby cellphone (which has never been used as a hotspot) and draining 2GB of data.


If neither Teams nor Windows can at least ADVISE if not prevent what happened, I suggest the geniuses in ONE of those two departments "get on it"! 

@Steven CollierI think you underestimate what happens with Teams. I do not have Teams on my iphone, however, if I am on a call on my iphone with someone and they try to share screens through Teams on my work computer (not connected to my phone!) my phone call is put on HOLD.  I do not have Teams on my phone and have completely different login, etc for my work computer.  Im trying to find out how to get Microsoft and Teams off my Personal phone when I never allowed it!

@kathheu is your work computer a mac, which has a feature called Continuity that can link calls between it and the users iPhone ? 


Why's my Mac taking my iPhone calls? How to turn off Apple Continuity (

@Steven CollierNo, my work computer is not a Mac.  And no programs from my work on are on my phone.  They are completely separate.   I don't have Teams on my phone, but somehow Teams has power over my phone.  I've been searching for how to block anything from Teams on my phone but can't find any settings that are allowing Teams to control my phone and have yet to find where they breached my privacy on my personal phone.

@kathheu Are you using Bluetooth headphones of some kind connected to both PC and Phone ?


Otherwise you are implying that it can just hijack a passing device, which clearly isn't very likely.

No bluetooth, no headphones. I'm looking for answers but I have tried all the obvious things. I didn't give Teams permission to access my phone and can't find where to take away permissions I never gave.
You can imagine my surprise when my phone call was put on hold as the other party was attempting to share their screen through teams.
There is something afoot and I can't locate it or figure out how to stop it.
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If you go to Teams on your mobile/cell, find settings. Scroll down to Block Notifications. The turn on the Block Notifications - When active on desktop. See the video


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