Keypad button in Teams Meeting

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Does anyone know what is for the KeyPad Button-Control in a Teams Meeting in the Desktop Client?:smile:

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Hi @Devryk 


This is a useful feature in Microsoft Teams Meeting. This is useful for those users who dial-out from the Microsoft Teams Meeting using the Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing Services.


The Same Dial-Pad on the Microsoft Teams Client can be used to make a PSTN Call out from Microsoft Teams to the PSTN Network on a Mobile or Landline provided you purchase a Microsoft Teams Calling Plans from Microsoft or Microsoft Teams Direct Routing from an ISP


Here is a Reference Article to the same

Great, Thanks! :)


The dial pad/keypad doesn't seem to actually do anything when used. Is there official documentation on this feature? I can't seem to find anything that covers its existence other than this post.

@Steven--H I agree with you. When adding someone to a meeting using a phone number, I was hoping the dial pad would allow me to type in their extension, but I cannot (Yes, I do have the full telephony package)

@NicolasG817 we have the same issue even now with no insight to this feature availability.  Anyone know if there is a roadmap feature for this?