Join a meeting without mobile app

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Is there a way to have external participants join web teams session using mobile phone without having to install mobile app?
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They can only join a call via phone number, so it will be voice only.
Teams web cliënt is not (yet?) supported on mobile phones.
Actually I think they could join a meeting through a mobile browser
On iPhone (edge/safari/chrome) it isn’t possible. It pops up a message if I want to open the client or want to download it.

Let me know if you see something else on your mobile :grinning_face:

We are having this issue, but some people can join with video on their phones without the app and some cannot. Any idea what the criteria may be for those who can vs. those who cannot?

I've just finished testing on ios and android and both are not allowing user to join w/o the app. Have tested chrome and edge pc browsers and they work fine to join with web app, but not mobile an issue for what we're trying to utilize teams for.

@pdf2020  Hmmmm.... some of our employees are able to make it work, but we can't quite figure out how they can and others can't. I think it may have something to do with older Android phones and newer iPhones...

Sadly, it's not possible to join a TEAMS meeting via mobile phone without the app - not even via web browser. This can be a challenge when meeting with clients who don't wish to download software or perhaps have security policies that won't allow them to download the required TEAMS software. Joining via web browser is however an option when using a desktop.@Juan Carlos González Martín 

@Darwin Jebha I'm not sure about whether this would work for a "Teams Meeting" but for a Live Event I just figured out that after clicking on the link to the meeting, then asking it to open the "Desktop Version" of the site in settings allows me to see and participate in the broadcast without downloading the app. This was on an Android phone using Chrome.


I doubt this is a solution for anyone, but wanted to let people know that the option is available.

You can join on Chrome by selecting desktop option on the browser.

@Darwin Jebhacurrently I am also having the issue where I cannot get past the page that asks me to download the app. I've tried to use the "request desktop version" method others suggested when entering the browser on my phones but to no avail. I even tried to cut out some of the URL's address because the Teams link gets tagged on with a new string of URL jumble once it opens up in the browser. That jumble included instructions for the browser to launch the app etcetera. And even though I snipped the URL back to its original, the phone's browser still tags the "jumble" back on. I couldn't get around that.