Issues with Teams Sharing Links?

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Has anyone else noticed since the new version of the desktop client was pushed out for Teams that "Copy link" permissions aren't working as they should?


Typically, "copy link" and "people with existing access can use this link" makes it easy to send out links to help people find documents.  However, we have noticed lately this link doesn't work and adds extra sharing permissions to the file- the user will get prompted to log in with their email address and then get a message saying the file hasn't been shared with them.  But if you highlight the URL within the Sharepoint site and copy and paste that link, sharing works.  Any thoughts or has anyone else noticed this?

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@Ethan Stern  Do You copy the link in the SharePoint site or in the Team? In the attached picture it looks like You do it from SharePoint.

I have tested on two different Tenants now (and copied link both in SharePoint and in Teams) and everything works fine.

@Magnus Goksøyr Hi Magnus!  Thanks for reaching out.  That screen shot is from within Teams using the copy button.

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You appear to be on an early release tenant with the new files tab experience. I don't think this has started to roll out to production yet and thought this was a bug that had happened to Sharing in general awhile back (not in Teams but SharePoint / OneDrive). Curious if it's possible you have a regression of that.

@Chris Webb Thanks so much for replying- it is a known issue at this time, so looks like it will be fixed eventually lol.  Thank you!

@Ethan SternWe are experiencing this problem in May 2021.  Was it resolved?  Thanks.

This has just started happening on our site last week. We are using v1.4.00.29469. I've tried all the suggested remedies and still we cannot copy links where prior to last week everythi8ng was fine?. Any movement on this issue.



I get this when I try to generate a link. MS Teams breaks irritatingly so often. 

@Ethan Stern