Issue with guests bypassing lobby

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As an agency we hold information events via Microsoft Teams. This is set up by admin and the settings are set as below, however some guests bypass the lobby and some go in to the lobby. 



We want to ensure that only people in our organisation can bypass the lobby, however this no longer seems to be an option on Teams? 

Is anyone else having this issue, or does anybody have any advice on how to fix this recurring issue? 


many thanks in advance. 

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Hello, you need to change the setting "Who can bypass the lobby". See this support page for the available options and what they mean
thanks for your reply. We looked at this and there isn't an option for "only people in my organisation". Would the option "only people in my organisation and guests" not still allow "guests" to bypass the lobby? we wouldn't want that... just a little confused as how it differentiates between "guests" and "external people" as per the link you shared?
I agree, it's a bit confusing. Guests are added to your org. so are considered belonging to the org. While "federated/trusted" and "anonymous" users are not. The latter are external users and sometimes people say "guests" for them as well.
thanks for this. So am I right in thinking that there is no way to 100% guarantee that everyone will go to the lobby before being admitted, some people may still come in to the meeting bypassing the lobby?

thanks for your help!
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There is. When using "Only me" everybody else go through the lobby and have to be admitted by you.

This is a change that's coming soon where only the people in the meeting invite get admitted automatically. Everybody else will end up in the lobby.
That's what I thought - thank you. the issue being that the person who sets up the events isn't the person who actually runs them.

that option will be very helpful, as we send the link to the meeting to external guests.

thanks again for all of your help!
You should be able to use the roles for that scenario. In this case specifically the "admit people from lobby" when being a Presenter.

See here
Great - thank so much again for your help!
Glad to help! Would you mind checking one of the replies above as a ”best response” for future reference.