Is it possible to change Teams calendar event reminders

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is it possible to change the Event reminder default time from 15 minutes when creating meetings through the teams Calendar?  I changed my Outlook calendar reminders to 30 minutes years ago, so  Teams apparently does not use the Outlook calendar's reminder time.  I also checked Office 365 settings just in case, but didn't see the option there.

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Yes this can be, but it is related to the meeting invites and not an outlook setting.

You can open an appointment (via the outlook app on iPhone for example) and change the “alert” to a value you want to use.

Let me know if this answers your question.

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@MaryM2019 Hello Mary, in addition to the above reply it's 'work in progress' as per the following UserVoice request. Go there and vote on it to keep you updated (you will be notified when the status changes).

@Mitchell BakkerWhat I need is to change the 15minute reminder to 5minutes when scheduling MS Teams meetings via the MS Team App.

Is this possible?

@Christo_Wentzel Hello Christo, this is coming.


"Work on meeting reminder for Teams meetings is in progress."


Vote on the UserVoice request to stay updated when status changes.

Sorry for the late reply, but this is possible but not via the teams app. I always use the outlook app and open the meeting from there. Here you can change the reminder from 15min to 5min.

What I think is being missed is the fact that Outlook preferences (where you can pick a standard reminder time) is not currently used by Teams.  I get no reminders for meetings scheduled as a teams meeting (from the Outlook Teams Meeting hyper link or from within the Teams desktop app either.

@Mitchell Bakker 

@ChristianBergstromet al, I should like be able to change the default reminder time from 15 min to another time for when setting up a Teams meeting.  In Outlook it is possible to customise the default.  I haven't found it in Teams settings.
The link to the UserVoice given leads to a slightly different question, I think.  And nothing has happened there for two years, even though something has been added to the to-do list.

Hi, I believe that will be the case. The admin did reply with ”working on it” at least. Usually they merge similar UVs and when they implement reminders the default time will probably come along. As for now use the Outlook client for more granular settings.

This helped a ton as a workaround. Thanks so much!


Just fell foul of this... new to Teams, set up a meeting (in Teams) with a key Partner (outside my organization), but no reminder was set -- so they didn't show up for the meeting. Is there an ETA for fixing this?

OK, but does this also "set" the Reminder and send to ALL invitees - especially external ones? See my post just now, I set up a meeting in Teams, but the (external) guest did not have a reminder set, so missed the meeting. This seems like a pretty critical omission...
Agree. Additionally, I've tried to navigate to the UserVoice link, and I get a message that it no longer exists.
Two years later is there any headway on this? @Mitchell Bakker??