Is it possible to cancel a call in Microsoft Teams

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Hello. Is it possible to cancel a call in MS Teams? For example, during a meeting, we often call in people ad-hoc. Occasionally, we call the wrong person, and realize our error as that person is being called. I don't see a way to hang up in Teams while trying to connect to that person. Is this possible? If not, could it be added as a future enhancement? I realize once the person answers, we can then end the call, but it would be nice to end the call before they even answer. Please let me know if this is possible.


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@jtw1228 Yep, agree with this one. Very annoying and I don't think you can do much than just wait for it to be cancelled automatically. I'm sure there are many requests for this at Teams UserVoice. Go have a look and vote on them to stay update when/if status changes.


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I realise this is 9 months late, but we have just found the same but only under certain circumstances.

If a user only has an Audio Conferencing license and dials out from a meeting to call someone in, they cannot hang up until the recipient picks up, so it rings and rings if they don't and voicemail doesn't kick in.
However, if the user is using telephony via Teams (Phone System/Direct Routing) then the option to hang up is available during the ringing stage. A very weird inconsistency!

I hope this is useful.


Update: After further investigation with Microsoft Support, it appears that it is Direct Routing that is giving us the ability to hang up calls before the recipient picks up. Even MS themselves cannot hang up a call when dialling someone in to a call/meeting as they are using their own SBC backend! This seems like a serious flaw and our support ticket ended up being closed because we confirmed the behaviour and it wasn't affecting us as an organisation as we are in the midst of migrating everyone to Direct Routing... 

Do you know if they fixed this problem? @jtw1228