Invoice payment method no longer support for communication credits, is this true?

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I'm sure this probably isn't the right place for posting something like this, but I'm trying to get an idea of how true this latest comment from the Microsoft support team is. We've been paying for Communication Credits via invoice payment (bank transfer) since 2017 however with the new UX update this has stopped working and we are no longer able to add this as a payment option. This has happened a few times in the past but the support teams were able to add this back on. However, this time around I'm being told that invoice payment methods are no longer supported for Comms Credits, but are for other Enterprise licensing (which we also use and pay for quite happily using bank transfer). 


Anyone else having the same issue out there or is this some more made up nonsense by an outsourced support company that can't fix your problems so fob you off instead?




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I work with multiple customers that pays communication credits via invoice, their licensing partner have set this up for them. Contact your licensing partner and they should be able to help you.
Hey Linus,

Thanks for your reply, glad to know this option still exists however, we buy direct from Microsoft (not for profit) so can’t go via partner licensing.
Sorry I should have added that for years we have been paying via invoice directly to Microsoft from the portal, but this has just recently changed. Never needed to go via a partner or use an enterprise agreement so just a bit weird they are pushing this agenda claiming it's never worked that way. I have a bunch of invoices that proove otherwise haha