I can't switch back to Teams chat with Alt+Tab on Mac

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I can't switch back to Teams chat with Alt+Tab on Mac, becose Teams have two windows: the chat and the Microsoft Teams Notification. Microsoft Teams Notification is the default window, and this window is nowhere, and can't close.
Unchecking the "New Meeting Experience" not working.

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Hi @Norbiprg   This link will take you to some suggestions offered by our tech support site (their problem wasn't exactly the same as yours but the solutions may work).  If not, please open your own support ticket there and they can give you personalized service:


Unable to switch between programs with alt+tab, or manually by - Microsoft Community

Thank you, but this link is for Windows PC, not for my Mac.
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@Norbiprg I can confirm this behavior on Mac. Alt + Tab works as long as no chat message arrives. As soon as you got a chat message, the notification window becomes the main window of the application and Alt+ Tab focuses this window instead of chat window.


 For support, steps to reproduce:


- Start teams

- Alt + Tab to any other open program, for example Safari, then Alt + Tab back to Teams: It works

- Receive a chat message in teams from a contact

- Alt + Tab to Safari or any other open program, Alt+Tab back to Teams: It fails.


UPDATE: There is a workaround: In settings -> notifications I changed to 'custom setting' and switched all settings from 'Banner and Feed' to 'Feed only' or turned if off. Then the notification window won't appear and Alt + Tab behavior works like intended. Notification sound and red point on dock still works.

Great suggestion, tried this but it didnt work for me. I set everything to "feed only", restarted Teams but it still does the same thing.

@lrxg9.  That worked for me for now. Thank you. I needed to change all 5 "All teams and channels" options to "Only show in feed" under Notification -> Custom. Then I had to restart Teams.