How to set a reminder in Teams

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hi All,


when I send an e-mail, I often " attach"  a reminder to it because I would like to be reminded of my e-mail in order to check if the recipient has gotten back to me. This allows me to shoot but not forget :)


As teams is gaining ground in our organisation I'm trying to find similar feature as I'm not able to keep track of posts by just scrolling through them every time... 


Any ideas how I can be reminded of posts I did?


Any feedback is welcome





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There is a uservoice open for this functionality here

Would recommend to vote to push it up the agenda. Slack has this you would expect Teams too. A workaround may be to use the save function. Select the ellipsis on a message and save it. This may achieve what you need.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
If you're comfortable to create a Power Automate flow, this could be a solution for you:

@z3019494 Can you share the code?

@z3019494 Awesome work. 

Can i automate sending a reminder message to all members of the team? Seems like this either send a chat message to creator or to the channel chat.

@z3019494 I am not able to access this link..It gives me error message

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Thank you