How to send meeting invite for existing appointment to a newly added Team member

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We have a weekly recurring meeting which was sent from a user to a Team (Office 365 group)  in Outlook. Now, the members of the Team changed (user was added). How can I update the meeting, such that the new user receives an invite to the meeting, without notifying the whole Team?

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One way could be finding the meeting in calendar and forwarding it to this new member.
The meeting organizer will be notified.
Good idea - would work, but I would need to edit all the details in the appointment (remove FW: and fix the description). In this case I am the meeting organizer (or an account where I have Full Access). Is there a better approach?
Can you explain about the FW: ? I tested and didn't see that on destination calendar

@Andres Gorzelany Sure, when I click on Forward the FW: is added to the Subject, and the text in the description is also changed.




Try with OWA, on my tests FW: was not added.
OWA does not add "FW:", you're right.