How To Send A Video Chat Message In Microsoft Teams

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In this video, I provide a quick preview of how to send a Microsoft Teams video chat message. Microsoft finally added the ability for users to record and send up to a 60 second video message to colleagues. At the time of recording this video, the Microsoft Teams video chat feature was only available in the public preview and on desktop (seriously…mobile totally seems like the better use-case for this feature but anyway). Its super simple to use the feature, click the video icon to the left of the send button on the compose message box, record, trim the video and click send. At the end of this video, I also talk about my attempt to find out where these video files are stored (spoiler: I was unable to figure that out – so if you know, please do comment below).

What are your thoughts about this feature? Is it comparable to the same feature on Slack (I’ve used Slack in a limited capacity).

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Are you using macOS in this video? I'm keen to know if this feature is now available on Teams for mac. It's not appearing as of now.

@adminfam I am using a Windows computer in this video. This feature was launched in October 2022 however, there is usually a lag before it hits all Teams devices. 

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Thank you for providing a video tutorial on this feature!
Thanks for clarifying and for this tutorial too!
You're very welcome!
is it correct that this feature is not available for Guests in the tenant? Eg: people who'll have a personal email address to login and have no access to another Teams tenant (like external users)
I just tested this and its NOT possible for a Guest user to send a video in Teams Chat.
As admin for MS Kaizala over the last years + MS indicated Teams would its successor, I'm not amused that this basic IM feature is not available in Teams for Guests to our tenants. You can upload a video in Teams channel Posts but that UX is not the same as how people are used to post chats in IM. I therefore probably need to find another platform just for this feature to work. MS please turn on at least the 60 sec video upload feature for guests in Teams chat. thanks a Mill!
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Thank you for providing a video tutorial on this feature!

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