How to disable chat in Microsoft Teams meeting

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Microsoft is rolling out chat moderation settings which allows an organizer of meeting to manage participant’s ability to chat prior to, during and after a meeting. :stareyes:


There are 3 options for this setting:

  1. Enabled (default): allows participants chat at any time.
  2. Disabled: this will make meeting chat read only and no one can send messages in chat including the organizer.
  3. In-meeting only: participants can send message during the meeting only and the organizer can send messages all the time.


Check this article for more information and step by step tutorial: How to disable chat in Microsoft Teams meeting 

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How to control this setting via API?
Our school is having an issue with this feature. It only works if our users schedule a meeting outside the channel. As soon as we connect a channel to the meeting, the option "allow meeting chat" and to drop down to select "in meeting only" disappears. The entire row for allow meeting chat is missing. We need to use our channels for class invites but for our younger students, we do not want the chat to continue after the meeting has been closed. I worked with Microsoft Support today and they did not have any answers but to wait to see if enabling chat in policies works. Although, "not enabled" for participant meeting chats also did not take away the message chats. Anyone heard of this issue with channel meetings?