🤔How to create word cloud poll for Teams meeting


Microsoft Forms offers the capability to create polls and quizzes in Microsoft Teams, in this video tutorial I'll show you how to create a word cloud poll before and during a meeting.

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Thanks for posting.
Dear Giuliano De Luca,
Thanks for the video! However, I cannot see the (+) button to add form, and when I add form from the conversation, there is no word cloud option.
Please show me how to solve it
Thank you

Hi there PhanHoan,
the cloud option is, at least in my case, only available for personal meetings. Not in channel conversations.

@Giuliano De Luca Is the world cloud poll available for channel meetings?  I do not see the option.

Hi @PeterHP for channel meeting is not available 

How can we do the WordCloud type poll in a TEAMS channel chat but outside of a meeting?

 @Giuliano De Luca 


thank you for the video :)

Thanks @Axel_Olson, this is not yet possible, you can create only normal survey in a channel

@Giuliano De Luca - Does anyone think that the ability to receive text answers and/or make word clouds will be widened to channels at a later date? 


If not, can anyone here point me to a route of running forms with text-based answers in a Teams Channel?  It seems to be option-based only, which when you see the Polls running using the same system, seems kind of wrong.    

Is this not available in GCC instance?
I do not get the Word Cloud selection in forms. Is this windows 10 or an addon? If this is for windows 10 what must i do to get the word cloud option?