How to copy Teams Wiki Pages - Answered

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Sorry if this is not the correct way / place to post. Hopefully my weekends spent figuring this out can save someone out there a bit of pain. There's most likely an easier way to do this and it could be automated with PowerAutomate, but want to get this out sooner than later.

Let's cut to the point, there currently is not a UI way within MS Teams to copy Wiki content from anywhere to anywhere. This looks to be on the MS backlog for a while now, but there is a surprisingly simple answer.


What you will need:

MS Teams with a Wiki you want to move.

SharePoint Designer (usually 2013 sp1)



Step 1.

Open your team and head to the SharePoint site connected to the team


Step 2. 

Copy the URL and open the connected site in SharePoint Designer


Step 3. 

Open "All Files" and select "Lists"
All Files - Lists.PNG


Step 4.

Select the list containing "_wiki" at the end and click the "Preview in Browser"


Step 5.

Create a custom view of the Wiki list with all Wiki columns included

Wiki List.PNG


Step 6.

Do steps 1-5 on the target location you are looking to move the Wiki content to


Step 7.

Edit both locations in grid view. Copy all of the Page & Section titled content you want to copy. (My screen shot doesn't include wikiUser, but this should be copied also)

copy example.PNG


Step 8. 

"Add new item" in the target list, then paste the data.


Step 9. - KEY STEP

You need to align the data. Please refer to screenshot below.

The SharePoint ID that is assigned is used to match up the pages and sections. 

wikiPageId = SharePoint ID for Page

wikiOrder = SharePoint ID for Sections you want the pages to fall under

wikiCanvisId = The wiki number in order of wikis created

There will also be wikiOrder for the main wiki order at the top of the list. You don't need to modify this since Teams will take care of the rest.



Step 10.

Refresh the wiki in Teams and review. If it's not displaying, run through the steps again and make sure no one is trying to update the wiki while you are copying. 


Hope this helps!

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@Pernille-Eskebo - is it so hard to follow good product practices and make life easier for your users?

almost 24k views in Aug 2022.. Based on that you would think Microsoft could implement a basic cut/paste solution as you move file folders etc.
Oke. So that took me two days to reinstall designer 2013 with SP1 and all apparently needed working setting the right registry items and using powershell to change the permissions on the Teams Sharepoint items to be able to access a list in a browser. Clearly some sort of an excel sheet. (Don't worry, my bad that such a thing would take me two days, I did eat and do other things and if i would have been at my computer instead of my laptop i would have some stuff preinstalled).

So. Only to find out that even in the first and now last non-microsoft guide there is talk of 'now copy all cells' that invokes a message saying 'this function does not work on multiple cells'.

Knowing M365 and having clients I'm providing with services i thought what the hell, I have some time on my hands, why not see if this is truly possible even though there is a paid solution rolled out by a third party.

(Might you find there is no end to this message...)