How to block the use of profanity and obscene language In Teams posts and chats?

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Hello everyone, I am trying to figure out how to block students from using certain word (profanity, obscene language) while in the chat portion of a Meeting or in the Teams>general> post page or any channel for that matter. I have gone to Azure what I found there is Naming policy, but I think that is only for Teams names not actual chats/conversations. Any one has any suggestions? 


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Also, this won’t block words but rather report them to a supervisor who can take further actions.

Also note the requirement of licensing for this mentioned in the link!

There is a uservoice for blocking like you mentioned which is under “analyze”

Vote for it here:


@adam deltinger Thank you for your tip. I will set that up, it will help. 


You can block profanity in Teams and Private chats: answer is

- Use a Data Loss Prevention policy: I wrote a blog how to do this step by step

Hope that answers your question!

PS you havent been reading my blogs @adam deltinger

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Well, dunno how I forgot about this.....+1 for you.

PS. I never read your blogs...Just a waste of time


Hi, Is there a way to monitor and get notification in team on Audio and Video chats for use of inappropriate words? @adam deltinger