How to block incoming teams calls on iphone while already on 'normal' phonecall on iphone

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I'm using an Iphone where teams is installed. regularly, when i'm calling with my iphone, and at the same time, there is an incoming teams call (or even meeting which starts); my 'regular' call is automatically placed on hold, and the teams call/meeting pushes itself as active call...

How can I fix this? this is very annoying, as I don't have control over this. 


Thank you for the help!

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Hello Ruben,

Three configuration you would need perform on the Teams Mobile App.
On the Teams app on your Iphone
1. Click on your avatar and then click on notification.
2. You need to configure the Block notification specially based on your requirement if you want to block the notification.
3. Second configuration that is available is When Active on Desktop this means when your Teams Application is Active on desktop you would not get any notification on your mobile device.

With Regards,
Satish Upadhyaya