How do I change a Form status to Fill, from Edit

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I've created a Form with some Questions and added as a Tab to a Channel.


The title is currently "Edit| Quiz..." how to i change it to "Fill| Quiz..."or whatever is needed so people can use it properly. I


This Help Page  shows how to create with a status of Edit, or how to add one already created, but there is no obvious (to me) way to change mine from Edit to Fill.


People are now using it via the Preview button, but it isn't the best 




"Note: Each form tab will have an action status in front of the form title. In the following example, this survey is in the process of being created, so Edit is in front of the form title: Edit | Survey: Feedback on the New Tour."

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@StuartWildman edit is designed for you and your team to collaborate on a Form together - this is whats known as a group form. To get the fill option you need to add a form that already exists. 


You can add another tab and then choose existing form then select the form that you have been editing. You can then remove the previous tab.


THanks for the answer.

Not the best UX, allowing you to create a Form as a new tab, but not set it to live.

Oh well we already have people using that form, at least I know for the next one, Create it, THEN add to a tab


@StuartWildman I think it was designed for a team to collaborate on the design of a form and then for a member to publish the form elsewhere. You have a unique use case and I do think it should be catered for. If my previous response was helpful then please mark it as best response.

I am sorry, but its a bad UI experience. BTW, I tried to create a new form, but the previous form could not be found in the search option.

 I am going back to a different form utility where things just work

@SuleimanDC I am trying to create a form for the rest of my team to fill out. I do not want them to edit it.

Sorry, I missed this. In this case you would add a form directly from the chat or you can create a form from and then share it in Teams.


for what it's worth, I agree with the others - this is bad UX and not intuitive. If you are adding a form to a 'Team', the expectation is that we want them to fill it out (not publish it somewhere else).

We want to:
- create the form (add form)

- this should take you to edit mode, where you create all your questions

- have the ability to either

                           - save for later

                           - publish to team

                           - publish somewhere else