[Help] Microsoft Teams doesn't recognize my earpods.

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I'm using a conversion cable from lightning to 3.55mm headphone jack (shown in the picture). It works very well on other apps like Youtube, Spotify and even on Zoom, but not on Teams. Is this Microsoft Teams's problem or my device/earbuds problem? If this is my device/earbuds problem then is there any other way to fix this problem instead of buying another headset?


I apologize for any confusion caused to you because of my English writing skill. 

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@devxzle Teams will take whatever your primary audio source is and have that as an option for your device setup.  Ensure that if you are using headphones, for the best experience, they are teams certified devices.


In general practice though, inside of Teams click on your profile picture - go to settings - then devices.  Selecting custom setup will allow you to choose the speaker device (in this case your audio selection from computer device) that has the headphones as output.

@Josh Leporati Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it. 

Hi, I'm sorry, I'm not sure where or how I can start a new post. But I am having issues with some new Sony WF1000xm3 ear buds not connecting to teams. I've gone into the teams profile/settings and selected wf1000xms as the device for both speaker and microphone. The other user can hear me, but I can't hear them. Is there a simple way to resolve this?