Guest user and teams invite email

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We opened up a guest access in Teams like several months ago but recently having issues with teams invite. When guest user is added to the tenant, they receive a redemption request and after that we add them to the teams but they never receive Teams welcome email. This used to work fine before and have a case opened with MS and currently PG is trying to figure this out. We even added MS engineers as a guest and later invited to the Trams by adding them as members but they fo not get Teams welcome email. 

Also just wondering what is the default setting of WelcomeemailEnabled when new Teams is created? All our recently created teams have this setting set to FALSE.

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Guest users are able to successfully redeem the invitation and we can see the status in ASD but after adding them to Teams, they never receive Teams welcome email and even if they sign into they fo not ser the Team they were invited to.
when we add guest from Teams UI, they receive welcome email but not when they are added via PS or Teams admin center. this used to work until now.