Guest unable to see private channel, but can access the SharePoint site

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We have some guests who are all authorized for a private channels in a Team, but when they log into their client, no channels are shown. I've sent them the url of the SharePoint site on the backend which they have no issues accessing. How do I resolve this?

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If they (the guests) are added as guest users in your org. you have to make them switch organization from the top right corner in Teams. If they can't see your org. ask them to sign out manually from Teams (they could also Quit Teams from the taskbar) and then sign in again.

Guest users can be added to private channels as long as they are already members of the team.

@jscroggin  Make sure the guest users are added to Team as members then add them to the private channel afterwards. This isn't going to work if you added them from SharePoint directly by adding them to the Site Members group under site permission. They must be added from Teams

Of course, since this is a Guest Access and you're dealing with Private Channels and not a Shared Channel, you have to make them switch organization from the top right corner in Teams under the profile picture or their name's initial if no picture uploaded.

@ChristianJBergstrom  I'm sorry if I wasn't clear but they have no issues accessing and participating in the main team site. They cannot see private channels even though they can also access the private channel's SharePoint site on the back end.

@jscroggin did you manage to solve this? I'm having the same problem.