Google Meetup and Teams Room Device

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Is there a way to use Google Meetup with a MTR device?  I know Webex and Zoom is available but we recently had a Google Meetup customer that started a meeting and users ended up having to meet in their office. 

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The only way I know is that you bring a laptop to the room and connect that via the HDMI-cable or if it is a system with USB bypass you can connect that way.

I not heard about any native support coming either.

This seems correct, and a total pain. Having to use both the USB and HDMI inject! Hardly a solution for large corporations. This solution solely answers to really one thing; Teams and Teams Only seems like a horrible solution, IMO.  I love the idea of coming into the room for Teams. Works great but we as with any other organization, will always have those one offs with other third-party webinars that external clients/customers start up. 


I am also wondering if this will be added to the roadmap at some point.
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IMO this is actually super easy to do. Just bring your laptop in and plug in the HDMI. Takes like 5 seconds.
I find Google Meetup to be really clunky and to have poor performance. I am not sure I would want that to get implemented over other features the developer team is working on.
For what it works, it seems like a fair tradeoff for me. We work with a lot of clients but 90% of our meetings end up being Teams.
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