Forms tab disappearing from channel

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I've added a forms tab to my Team and it loads, then vanishes before my eyes. I've added other apps and they are fine and stay. The form is functional and in use. I'm not sure what the issue could be? Is this A Thing?

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@penwomanI am having the exact same issue. I was hoping there would be some replies with answers on how to fix this.

@penwomani'm having the same issue

I have a user facing the same issue.  Has anyone heard of any way to correct it?

After doing some digging, this seemed to happen because we were trying to create a form tab in a private channel. Outside of the private channel everything works normally.

We are having this issue as well :( Private channel only..........

Looks like private channels don't support "Forms" yet, so I'm guessing that's the issue.

Currently, private channels support connectors and tabs (except Stream, Planner, and Forms). We're working on full apps support for private channels, including messaging extensions and bots.