Filter chat activity that have a meeting recording?

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I have a long list of chats like anybody else. Some might be just chit-chating with colleagues, others are group chats for past meetings.


Some of the calls/meetings I participated in have been recorded by someone (not necesseraly by me) pressing the record button in Teams. These recordings are usually training sessions, and the recording is a good reference for later listening. I should have pinned those chats to easily find them, but now I have to find a few needle in a haystack of chats. 


Here is my problem statement: how can I easily filter my chat history to chats that are really meetings with a recording? I do not have a specific keyword unfortunately, I just want to see all my meetings that were recorded. I see that recorded meetings show in the chat a message with a video preview with the comment "Recorded by:". This is what I tried (did not work):


* In Chat, Filter (Ctrl+Shift+F) by and I type by keyword "Recorded by:" but returns nothing


* Search for "Recorded by:" in the top search bar on Teams. 


* In Microsoft Steams My Content > Meetings. I can only see meetings that I recorded, not meetings that I took place in that were recorded by others. 


My question is: how to filter in Teams / Chat meetings that have been recorded?


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Hi @ppmsft  Others in this community may have better suggestions, but all I know to do is to "save" the messages that contain recordings when you first see them.  Then you can look at your saved messages in a separate list.


There are several items in our Uservoice feedback forum requesting the ability to search chats using keywords.  This is just one of them, but I encourage you to vote on them all.  When you vote, you'll also get updates on their progress.