feature request - resend uploaded file instead of reupload - new option on popup

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when you drag and drop a file into a teams chat and it detects that you sent it to someone already, you get this toast:

This file already exists Looks like you recently shared this file in Teams


[upload a copy] [replace]


If you just want to send the same file to a new person, you either have to upload it again, or cancel that toast and dig into the attachment menu,

paperclip > OneDrive > Microsoft Teams Chat Files > select your file > share > then carry on as normal.


can you just add a 3rd option to the toast of [send original] or [attach stored original]. I don't want to waste time/bandwidth/OneDrive storage by reuploading every time, and it's tedious to dig through that menu every time you want to send the same file to someone new. usually if i'm drag and dropping a file into a chat it's because that's the most convenient way to do it.

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A reasonable suggestion, you can post it over at the freshly launched Feedback portal:
I already have, I think. I got a bit confused when i saw that uservoice was shutting down so ended up submitting it a few ways.



2 years later and this is still an issue? Are MS trying to make sure people use as much storage as possible?

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