External Users need access to Teams Meetings ONLY

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For context: my company has Business Premium 365 licenses and we have stood-up and are using Teams for internal collaboration, however we have not yet migrated our company email (hosted by gmail) to Exchange just yet. 


In order to leverage scheduling meetings with Teams, we're using the gmail Teams Meeting add-in, NOT the Teams meeting calendar app or Exchange invites, and our users are currently not able to allow external users outside our organization to join their scheduled Teams meetings.  External invitees encounter the "Only people with access to this org can join its meetings" message. 


Is updating the Anonymous users can join a meeting settings in MS Teams Meeting Admin Center the correct/only approach needed in order to allow external invitees meetings entry?  And does this setting only allow meeting admittance?  We are not mature enough to enable guest users and add them to our Teams for content collaboration and are currently sharing content externally via Specific People generated sharing links only. Merely want external users to be able to join Meetings.  Help/advice is much appreciated.




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Hi @cstevens44 


You have to differentiate "guest users" vs "Teams external users": 

- "Guest users" are users known from Azure AD B2B with whom you can collaborate (e.g. within a Teams) or share content (e.g. within SharePoint)

-  "External users" are users with whom you communicate through Teams (1:1 or 1:N chat or meeting). They are not registered in your Azure AD


The prerequisite for external users is to authorize the federation between your tenant and the tenant of your external users. By default, this setting (Teams Admin Center > Users > External Access) is set to "allow external domains". What is the status in your organization? 


If you want to enable non authenticated users, you can activate the feature "Anonymous users can join a meeting".  


Hope this helps! 

Hi @thijoubertold 


Thank you for your response!  And to clarify I am indeed talking about "external users" as ones that we are not adding as Guests in the AD. 


Our organizational status is already set to "allow all external domains". 




Our meeting settings for 'non-authenticated users' is set to Off via the "Anonymous users can join a meeting" feature.  Do I need to turn this on, or should external users already be able to join without doing so?