Error chatting with external Skype users

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Some of our users get an error when trying to chat with external Skype users on Teams.

They can find Skype user by email.

They see the suggesting listing of names and Skype icon and can open chat window.


But when they send a message , after several seconds they get the error that the message cannot be send and "Share the 504/1008 diagnostic code with your administrator to help you troubleshoot the problem."

The mode is Team-only.


Could you please advise on the error?

Thank you!

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I'm experiencing the same behaviour.

As I am the Teams administrator "Share the 504/1008 diagnostic code with your administrator" isn't really helpfull.

Especially as a search for code 504/1008 only points me to this thread.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Bruno Piqueur


Hello Bruno,


We were able to fix it with moving the users accounts to Skype for Business online.

But we're in Teams only mode and can't change this setting.
And isn't Skype for Business Online retired since july 31st 2021?

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We are having the same problem. is there any solution?




Not that I'm aware of.
Hoping some Teams expert can shed a light on this.

@Vikii   Let me see if any of our MVPs can help:  @Chris Webb @adam deltinger @Christopher Hoard 

If I had to guess, the skype for business endpoint which they were supposed to fix hasn't been fixed and you might be missing that, as the one person said they fixed it by switching. What I would check, is the licenses on the users, under the "Apps" section in admin center (office admin). Check to see that Skype for Business Online license is applied to the user. This should create the necessary piping back there if it's not there yet. Just my gut feeling that this could be.
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@Vikii @bpiqueur @SercanAkbulut  This is for interoperability capabilities between Microsoft Teams and Skype (Consumer)


I would recommend to have a look at the settings described here, especially the prerequisite of the DNS SRV record
Set whether Teams users can communicate with Skype users



"Indicates whether the user is allowed to communicate with people who have SIP accounts with a public Internet connectivity provider such as MSN. The default value is False."



"When set to True (the default value) users will be potentially allowed to communicate with users who have accounts on public IM and presence providers such as Windows Live, Yahoo, and AOL. The collection of public providers that users can actually communicate with is managed by using the Set-CsTenantPublicProvider cmdlet."



"Indicates the public provider (or providers) that users will be allowed to communicate with. Valid values are:"




Can we define which interactions are currently supported?

When I do a directory search from a Teams free account to a Teams paid 365 account I get the following message. "Chatting with enterprise or school accounts is not available yet. Learn more". Which points to

When trying to chat from a free Skype account to a paid Teams account it emails the approval handshake email and then does nothing after clicking "approve". Is the functionally between Skype free and Teams paid supported?

@bentenww Hello, see this article for some more info about interoperability

Interoperability capabilities between Microsoft Teams and Skype (Consumer)


And this newly added functionality being introduced (for some already) 

Chat with Teams personal account users

With the above update Teams users in an organization will be able to start a 1:1 or a group chat with Teams users who are using their personal accounts and vice-versa. IT Admins will have the option to enable/disable this at a tenant and individual user level with two possible controls. Bear in mind Teams free doesn't include policy controls nor access to the TAC so the granularity isn't applicable in those scenarios.

I have the same thing for trying to text my mom but the solution isn't the same.

@Vikii Any news on this error which I have just fallen over?

So I went into Teams then to Settings and then Accounts


Went to Office Apps and Installed Skype for Business


Now my Teams is working perfectly after installing this.