Disable meet now for selected channels

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There is option to disable meet now at tenant level.. or we can add in  user policy to disable meet now. Is there any other way to disable meet now for particular teams.

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Hi @Janani_M 


Yes we can disable the Meet Now Meeting in the Channels on the Tenant Level. But for the individual user who have a Meet Now Option in the Calendar that cannot be disabled completely. 


For Disabling the Meet Now Options in the Microsoft Teams Channel you need to follow the following steps:-


1. Login into Office 365 Portal and Navigate to Teams Admin Centre

2. On the Left Click on Meeting > Meeting Policies > Edit Global Policy > Allow Meet Now in Channels


Using the above you can Turn On or Turn Off the Meet Now Option in the Channel. Let me know in case you need any additional assistance.


With Regards,

Satish U 



I have the same request where i want to disable the meetnow on a specific Team only and not on a user level.


I'm aware of the option in the meeting policy for users but would be great if it was also a option within teams like the message options on delete / edit etc.

Hi @Dennis2280 


Unfortunately with the current features released by Microsoft we can only set up the Policies on the Tenant Level or at the User Level that is the only feature available. Would request you to raise a User Voice for the same and we can have Microsoft Release the Feature in the coming updates.


With Regards,

Satish U 

@RealTime_M365 is there a uservoice request for this feature now?  I would like to give it all the votes.  We have a couple of large, nearly org-wide Teams that we want to disable this feature on, but we do not want to take away everyone's ability to Meet in their smaller channels.

Hi @ericwillman 


There seems to be no uservoice raise for the same. Can you please raise the request for the uservoice for the same. 


Here is the Link for the Uservoice 



With Regards,

Satish U

@albertocea @RealTime_M365 Is there any option developed to disable the Meet now option for specific teams yet (through the APIs) ?


No. If we cannot disable the Meet Now Options in specific Teams both the from Admin standpoint or from the Team Owner standpoint.

With Regards,
Satish U