Differentiate between internal and external Teams Calls (not Teams Voice)

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Hi everyone,


i seem not to find the right search terms for that. As i think it must be a problem that more companies have.

We have an open federation - so calling from Work to Work works without any problems.


Now one of our colleagues said that there is no real difference to see if the call is from the company or external.


I checked it with my test worker account in another tenant - and there is really no tag "External" like when a guest calls.


1. Makes it easy to have a Vishing call

2. Our company policy is that we talk to everyone with their "firstname". So if you are answering the phone and say the customers first name they might not be amused.


Is there any setting i am missing? Or how to you cope with this?


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@StephanGee Would the risk of Vishing be any greater than receiving regular phone calls ? Companies with this concern would typically whitelist trusted domains so they have some surety of the source, although I would say that it's very uncommon for anyone to really make a call between businesses without a chat before, that would add confidence that you are talking to the person you intended.


Hi Steven.
I think there is a difference because the Name is transferred when getting called.
If i do not know a number and do not have time - i do not answer and let it go to voicemail.

But the call was getting in with:
LastName, FirstName

And if the company is growing to than 1000 employees you do not know anyone by name anymore. So you answer because you think it is a colleague with an answer.

I could only use the whitelist feature if i could connect the list to Dynamics and SAP to fill the list automatically. Or get new ppl who copy/paste all day long ;)
We do not want to restrict Teams this way - but it would be great if there was some sign that you are not called within your tenant.

We have it for mails turned on. We see if a guest calls. We see if we chat with ppl. Why not external calls?

@Pernille-Eskebo  all off my clients want to define internal and external calls in Call answering rules. would be a great add if possible. also with delegate option the wish is to manage internal and external calls.