Deploying custom meeting backgrounds to all users

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We're looking to deploy a set of custom meetings backgrounds to all of our users, what's the bets method for that? Looking at using the file copy option via a GPO but wanted to see if there might be some other ways of doing it. Has anyone done this in their orgs?

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Not done this personally but I think you have the right idea. As to do this individually you would either add directly to the correct location or achieve the same via the add button in the client but either way it is all leading to getting the file into the correct location.



Thanks Henry, I'll post back here with how this goes just so folks have it as a reference. I'm guessing at some point this would be added as a setting option as it seems many would want backgrounds deployed to their users as a branding option.

Hi @Jamie Hosley ,


Yeah, I would get an entry on User Voice and I will give it a vote or you could up vote an existing entry such as:


Don't forget any idea you have, either get an up vote in or make a new entry at: Microsoft Teams UserVoice





@HenryPhillipsNimbitech I'll do that. Thanks again. Jamie

@Jamie Hosley Hey, haven't done this but agree that pushing the pictures to the clients location should be the way to go (per now at least).


Just a heads up, if I'm not mistaking if a user never has used a background the directories (background/uploads) hasn't been populated so you would have to create these for them. And you can't change the default, the user will need to select a custom background.


And while I'm at it. This is available as an add-on to customize the experience further, such as customized lobby etc. Perhaps they will add the "background branding" feature as well.


'Advanced Communications add-on for Microsoft Teams'


"We'll be adding more customization's, tools, and communications enhancements in the coming months."



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So for those following at home. I couldn't get the GPO copy option to work properly to get the files into the destination folder, so we've gone with packaging up the backgrounds and deploying via Active Setup

@Jamie Hosley hey can you please explain how did you do that?

I am trying to find a way to complete the exact same task but no luck

Hi, you mean Active setup? For the record this can be achieved using several approaches. For ex. my org created a package and pushed them out with Endpoint Configuration Manager.

@areebasyed sure, I'll get the details from our packager and then post them here.

@Jamie Hosley   I just received a request from our org to push a set of custom backgrounds to our users.  Looking forward to you sharing the details, as I'm not quite sure where to start.

we created an msi package and install.cmd with the image files that placed them in "C:\ProgramData\OurTeamsFolder\Software\TeamsBackgrounds", then Active Setup was used to copy the files from "C:\ProgramData\OurTeamsFolder\Software\TeamsBackgrounds" to "%appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads\" then it performed a reboot.

@Jamie Hosley 

Nice solution, but if your custom backgrounds that you want to add change a lot it would be nice to not having to create new msi packages. I created a methode that allows you to just add custom background images to a folder on a share and then it is added to all the users you want.