Deleting a Plan from Tasks by Planner

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Hello, we are currently implementing assigning tasks through the "Tasks by Planner" app in Teams.  On top of the VERY INCONVENIENT fact that it only notifies members of their tasks by email, not through any local Teams notifications/activity - we apparently cannot rename or delete Plans created through the app... All of the help and resources I can find are regarding the original "Planner" app, not the new "Tasks by Planner" app (Planner is green, Tasks by Planner is purple) - and it seems very cut and dry for the Planner app, but none of the same options are available in the Tasks by Planner settings. 


The one Plan was even created in a Test channel that has since been deleted, but the plan is still available, and confusing to our members based on the name (which cannot be changed either)! 


I am hoping for an easy workaround, as we do not use SharePoint and I am NOT interested AT ALL in learning the administrative functions for that side of Teams. 


Please help!

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Hi @CSI_Guy I think there are several options you can use to delete or rename an existing plan. You should be able to rename or delete a plan (not a task), directly from the Teams client.

To do this, go to the Team where you created the Tasks by Planner tab. On the right of the tab you should find a drop down arrow. Here you can rename the tab (not the Planner itself) or delete it. If you click on delete, you have the option to delete the tab only (default) or to delete the whole planner with all tasks.

Second option is to use the planner website. To do so, go the Task by Planner tab in the according Team. Here you can find a globe symbol on the right corner. Click on it. The website for this planner will be opened. Here you can rename the planner (not the tab) or delete the planner, too.


Hope it helps.

@Thorsten Pickhan  Thank you! :stareyes:


It seems the tab was not automatically created when the plan was!  However, I was able to add the tab for Tasks by Planner, link it to an existing plan, then delete that plan.  It look me a while to figure out what I was looking at in your screenshot, as the only "tab" I had for the Tasks by Planner app was the left-handed tab, but I figured it out.  

@Thorsten Pickhan  Just FYI - after deleting the Tab and choosing to remove the Plan and all tasks associated with it, I am still able to see the plan in the Left-hand Tasks by Planner tab (which is the area I was originally referring to as not having any ability to delete or rename from). I understand that Teams is pretty slow in catching up with changes, so I will re-visit this topic if the plan has not been removed by next Monday. 


(see screenshot) 



I'm having the exact same problem.  After deleting the task planner, it still shows up on the left hand navigation within Teams.

Anyone figure this out yet?

@Mike_Peerson - Yes, it appears the method mentioned above does work, albeit quite slowly. 


So, what you need to do, is go to the channel you linked the Tasks to.  At the top (not the left side), click the "+" and add the Tasks by Planner tab. Now, from the Tasks tab, click the drop-down arrow and select remove.  I cannot remember the exact steps (and I am afraid to delete the current working schedule I have), so try that and circle back if that doesn't work.  


After a few days, the old removed plan will eventually go away from the Tasks tab on the left-side.


Hope that helps!

The page you refer to explains this perfectly! Thanks for pointing this out.