CQD - Customised reports no longer able to load visuals

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We have developed Power BI reports using CQD datasets. The visuals have been loading properly most times since its launch last year.


However we are currently experiencing errors to load most of the visuals for more than a week now. We have not changed anything prior to that. 

Error: OLE DB or ODBC error: [Expression.Error] CQD Query Execution Error (ErrorType: 3).

Any idea why?


Start Time is also problematic. It does not load.







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Thanks for calling this one out. It could be a number of things, but the fact you haven't changed anything and then it suddenly has issues rendering means that it is likely Microsoft's end. They do work on the back end all the time, it's typically the underlying reason if, say, a functionality changes or there is something like latency in the Teams Admin Centre


You could wait for it to resolve out, but the recommended course of action on this one would be a ticket up to Microsoft support. I have checked CQD on some of my tenants and all looks in order, so they will need to investigate this with you. What would be cool is, once you have an underlying cause confirmed, to put it back here so the community can understand for future reference


Thanks again, best, Chris

Thanks Chris! Really appreciate your response.

We raised a ticket with Microsoft but we haven't got to the point yet and the problem has resolved itself. We did not change anything in the report. Perhaps like you said, they are always doing work on the back end and so, viola.