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How do you set up notifications for comments in Tasks within a Plan? I saw that they made an update to notifications of comments so that all members in the plan don't receive a notification when one is added to the task. But I'm wondering how to get the notification turned on to begin with. And there seems no way to direct a comment to a specific person either. Unlike Chatting, where you put @personsname so the message goes to the right person, Comments don't have that. What am I missing?  Thanks!

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Anyone assigned to a task will get a notification! What’s changed is that the people assigned to a task won’t be notified when someone post a comment unless they have posted a comment in that task prior to someone else does!

Also @mentioning in comments are currently not available but is something they are working on!


@adam deltinger, I know that people get notified when a task is assigned to them.  


It will be very helpful if comments added the @ feature. But until then, we might just rely on Conversations and use the link to the task being referred to in the discussion. ??


Also, you can get notified when comments are made in a task by adding the link to the task. This emails all members of the team though. So that's not so good. 

@adam deltinger  thanks for this.

Hopefully these features that aren't available will be available soon.

We are hoping the @-mention feature in Planner tasks is added too. And the noficiations are problematic for us too. Ideally someone could be added as a task "watcher" of sorts in order to receive notifications without having to comment on the task first.