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recently find some of our users have a chat list for 3 month, and most of them have 1 month

anyone could help me some of these Q?


1, how long should this list in tab "chat" by designed?

2, why we have 2 senses even we have never set anything about it

3, could that be longer as the mailbox function exchange/outlook? when you roll down to the bottom, it will load/tell you could load more. these conversation actually in a invisible folder in mailbox and could be searched in chat, why can't that load in chat. I can see any retention/privacy confliction

4, any MS instruction/KB for this function?



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I can't remember the exact formula, but the time cut off is related to the number of conversations, the aim is to give lists of about 100 conversations whether you talk to lots of people or fewer.


It only effects what's in your view however, once a conversation leaves the list all the history will still be there if you start a conversation again with that person/people. You can also find it using the recently improved search experience.


I'm not sure why it would be beneficial to have a list that grows, this isn't email.

we both know they storage under exchange-conversation history kind of like emails:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:
you know in SFB period, perople could find this chat list in exchange by themselves(at least in the companies I have been)

and you know the function "search" is not that good(top hits and search page is getting better, but not enough)
currently we even face the search problem which MS said may caused by roadmap Feature ID: 66583(still under investation, symptom is sometimes no search results, sometimes results
are different from web-desktop-phone): difference make the search untrusted
People need a second way to see their information: to normal people, seeing is believing, and even more chat is the fundation of search

and sometimes, for example, this time, list view is useful like
"oh, I remember I talked with someone last month but I forgot the name and no search result"-"let me check SFB"
-"Oh, it's teams now"-"what?I can search them but can't see them in the list? am I the reader for my own information or not, I miss SFB"