Chat bubbles in channel meetings with Teams Rooms devices

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Hi, we have a Microsoft Teams Room device that we use for a recurring scheduled channel meeting. We have noticed that chat bubbles do not appear when users send messages to the chat for this recurring scheduled channel meeting.

We have checked and chat bubbles are definitely turned on for the Teams Room device. 

Are chat bubbles meant to appear for recurring channel meetings? Or do they only work for meetings that appear in the Chats list instead?

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I would have thought they should appear during all meetings. Odd that they are not showing. Must be a missing feature or bug.

I’d request this via the feedback portal here
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Channel meetings utilize threads / posts for their chat in the channel and not a “chat” so they aren’t exactly the same api layer. You would think the tech for this would be expanded to include these but not atm. Not sure if this is considered a bug or feature oversight but def. Something they should probably be reported.